Contacting Us


In enforcing our 'No Thoroughfare Policy' at any of our office premises and in line with The DCANS Group (TDG) Limited's (parent company of shared resources policies and operational efficiency practices, all in-person meetings at any of our office locations are strictly by appointment (for reasons not just limited to lack of prior notice, but unavailability of qualified personnel with your unscheduled office visit). If you turn up at any of the offices above without an appointment, you would simply be denied entry and/or turned away.

Our preference for the suburbs over the cities is deliberate, as our operations are never negatively impacted by our unique locations (thanks to advancement in technology). Our existing clients and/or qualified target customers or users cooperate accordingly.


 The DCANS Group (TDG) Facility, Dodowa New Site
 Digital Address: 
 Mailing Address: (DCANS Properties Limited), The DCANS Group Limited, PO BOX AN 19969, Accra-North, Ghana.
 The DCANS Group (TDG) Facility, Off Osabene Road
 Digital Address: 
 Mailing Address: (DCANS Properties Limited), The DCANS Group Limited, PO BOX KF 582, Koforidua, Ghana.

Additional group-owned facilities in Dzorwulu, Achimota, Brekuso and Adenta will be added as and when necessary.

Note that in-person appointments are currently restricted to existing customers only, and on issues that cannot be resolved via remote digital channels. Our physical locations are strictly for backoffice duties and other complimentary in-person settings (training for existing customers, scheduled events, etc) and not a 9 to 5 hang out.

and hence our offices:

- Cannot be used for making enquiries. You can use our email, social media page (including whatsapp for all enquiries).
- Cannot be used to make payments. We do not accept or use physical cash in any of our transactions. You can use existing banking and payment options with built-in customer protection measures

If you turn up at any of the offices above without an appointment, you would simply be denied entry and/or turned away.

Work from Anywhere (incl Home Offices)
A good number of our staff are working from home and even in some circumstances out of Ghana and in-person meetings may not always be possible. No in-person meetings take place in the private homes of our staff. Partner freelancers worker from anywhere across the globe, working remotely across eight time zones.

If we need to schedule any in-person meeting and where possible, it can only take place in any of the above offices and not in the private homes or any of our staff.

Non Deposit Taking & No Upfront Fees
Our services does not come with any upfront fees and hence does not carry any risk to the user. We do not transact in physical cash for any of our services. All repayments are done electronically via acceptable payment methods.

If you are fixated with the old way of doing business or things in general, this service may not be for you.

No Talkshop. No Mere Talk. No Idle Talk. Purposeful Meetings.
With advancement in technology and in this era of global pandemic, we do not expect prospective forward-thinking tenants to be antiquated in their approach and thinking, to still rely on inefficient traditional ways of doing things, as it's evident in the reasons for asking for a meeting almost always being irrelevant, trivial and useless (excuse our french).

Booking Appointment
We do not have an open door policy. To schedule an appointment, you need to state the purpose of such an in-person meeting. If it can be resolved remotely, we would not schedule any appointment and ask you to use our digital channels.

This arrangement will however be reviewed in the course of 2021 and when issues surround Coronavirus (Covid-19) make them feasible for frequent relevant in-person meetings.

You don't have to use our services if you disagree with how we operate or any of the arrangements above.

Using this platform constitutes acceptance of the terms, conditions & rules that govern this great rental service, so if you disagree with any of them in part or in full, please don't use our services. Legal & Compliance provided by TLA Firm & Ghanaian Partners.

All Private Sector Employees recruited via TDG Jobs Ghana automatically qualify for this rental assistance service as part of our seamless integration with selected partners, hence you simply have to login at the jobs platform and apply there without having to apply here again. Likewise, all employees of existing customers of can use this service from their business portal. Additionally, all existing customers of The TDG Ecosystem qualify for this service.

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