Affordable Housing

We don't expect you to rent forever, hence one of several integrated homeownership options is DCANS Affordable Housing, with direct in-house housing financing - a private initiative of The DCANS Group Limited.

Effective natural language processing (NLP) and other exponential technologies extract deeper meaning from unstructured data to make a difference in the lives of countless would-be homebuyers who are credit invisible or have not had the ability to obtain access to affordable housing finance.



One can opt for one of two housing finance option, depending on your current net monthly salary levels, years left before retired, etc.


Rent to Buy Ghana

Typically for persons with net monthly income between GHS2,000 and GHS6,000


DCANS Mortgage Ghana

Seller-Financed Mortgage (SFM) with 1005 financing options for persons with net monthly salary above GHS4,000.



You don't need to be an existing tenant of our platform or the TDG Ecosystem to qualify to buy a DCANS Affordable Housing. However, the process becomes a lot faster if we already have verified information on you.

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