Build Now Pay Later

Build Now Pay Later

If you're a qualified incoming or existing tenant of this platform and you also already own litigation-free and or uncompleted house, we can pre-finance the construction and completion of your own houses so you can quickly move-in would want to develop it,

Construction & Completion of your own house is done by Build Now Pay Later Ghana (a sister company and part of The DCANS Group Limited - parent company) offers the flexibility of home ownership on your own land.


Features / Benefits

• Applicant must be between age 21 and 55

• Opportunity to save on rent as you can move into your own home in as little as 3-6 months of opting in and valid building permit being procured.

• Includes Architectural Drawings if you don't already have one.

• Includes Building Permit Procurement, if you don't already have a valid one.

• Quick move-in in less than 3 months of procuring the building permit

• Low rate construction loan interest rate of less than 20% per annum.

• Flexible repayment period of up to 30 years* (but not exceeding the pension age of 60).

• You can have an input in the building materials to be procured for your construction


* The maximum period the delivery partner will keep the loan on their books is 5yrs, but plans are already in place to sell the loan to BoG-Regulated bank beyond 60 months without varying the terms of the construction loan to the disadvantage of the borrower.



• Must have a minimum net monthly salary (or total household income) of GHS2,000. Total household income could include that of your spouse, children, etc.

• Must already own litigation-free land.

• Your litigation-free land must not have been used as collateral for any loan.


Applicable Fees

Onboarding fees (Search Fees included) is GHS1,000 (Non-refundable). At least, a minimum of GHS500 required before searches will be initiated.

The Partner Provider of this Build Now Pay Later service does three (3) main searches before any construction and/or development will take place:

1. Land Title / Deed Search - to ascertain proof of ownership

2. Bank of Ghana Collateral Registry Search - to ascertain that this land has not been used as collateral for any loan

3. Court Registry Search - to ascertain that this land is not the subject of any litigation.


How to apply

If you're yet to apply to us as a qualified tenant, you will have the opportunity to complete portions of this service via the signup form.

If you're an existing tenant of this platform, you can apply for this build now pay later via the client area after you login.



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