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I need to find a place to rent. What do I do first?

Before you start searching for your new home it’s a good idea to write down a budget. What are your current outgoings and what money do you have left each month to spend on rent? Take into account that, when you first move in, you will need to front a security deposit as well as the first month’s rent and a refundable holding deposit.

How do I apply for a home?

When you have found a home that you would like to apply for, make sure you take note of the address and then login to our client area to apply online.

What are the fees?

There are no upfront fees to give you information or provide you your free login details to our members area, so long as you qualify by submitting required documentation. Once you decide you would like to rent one of our properties there is a GHs100 non-refundable viewing fee.

Do I need to show ID ?

As part of the verification process we need to be sure a tenant is who they say they are. We will require a proof of employment and/or steady monthly income (such as a payslip from the last 3 months) and proof of ID (such as a passport or driving licence, Ghana Card, Voter's).

NHIS Card not accepted.

What if there are problems with my verification?

In some circumstances, a tenant may not be approved immediately via verification. Obvious examples are students without a regular income, or someone leaving their family home for the first time with no renting history. This is not uncommon, and there are still options for tenants in this position. They could pay the rent for the full term up front, or seek out a guarantor or co-signer.

Who is a guarantor ?

If a tenant is not fully approved by the verification process, they can ask a guarantor to support them. A guarantor (usually a parent or guardian, or employer in some cases) will agree to take joint responsibility for the rent for the property if the tenant fails to.

Guarantors are required to pay any rent arrears (if the tenant does not pay) and for any damages costing more than the security deposit.

What does a guarantor need to do?

A guarantor needs to go through the same verification process as a tenant. The normal requirement is that they are employed and Ghana resident, with sufficient earnings to cover the tenant’s rental commitment.

Why does my guarantor have to guarantee all tenants?

In the case of a house-share, the tenancy agreement makes all tenants jointly responsible for all rents and responsibilities. There is no individual ‘share’ of the rent written into the agreement. The guarantor therefore has the same responsibility.

Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

The landlord trusts the tenant to keep the property in a good condition and in good order. The security deposit is held to ensure that any damages (over and above fair wear and tear) can be corrected at the end of the tenancy.

What will happen to my security deposit?

The security deposit is then either held by the landlord.

How do I get my security deposit back?

If you keep the house in good condition and don’t inflict any damages on the property, then you will get your security deposit back at the end of your lease. To ensure that there are no misunderstandings between you and the landlord, be sure to take inventory of any wear-and-tear you see when you move in, preferably via photo. This way no pre-existing damages can be mistakenly blamed on you and you can get your security deposit returned fair and square.

Generally, we will return the security deposit 30 days after the lease ends.

How much is the security deposit ?

The security deposit is equal to 3-6 months rent. Additional deposit for pets may be determined based on how many furry family members you have and how big they are.

Do you already have rental properties?

Yes, the vast majority of rental properties we provide this service for are owned by us and The DCANS Group Limited by extension.

However, there are situations we can provide this service for a qualified property owned by an external landlord.

Where are your homes?

We have homes in several locations with a focus on rental homes in five regions of Ghana - Greater Accra (including Tema), Ashanti (Kumasi), Eastern (Koforidua), Western (Takoradi), Central (Cape Coast).

This gives you plenty of options. Whether you are looking for a home in the suburbs or a place in the city, Rent Now Pay Later has you covered. Our affiliation with sister companies - DCANS Developments LLC and DCANS Properties LLC provide a constant supply of affordable habitable homes throughout Ghana for qualified income earners.

What types of rental properties are available?

Typically - Studio Apartments (aka Single-Room Self Contained), One Bedrooms, Two Bedrooms, Three Bedrooms and Four Bedrooms.

What is the price range of your homes?

Our homes and apartments range from GHs200 - GHs2,000 per month.

What is the typical length of lease?

The majority of our leases are for one year or longer. If you are looking for something shorter than a year, please email us to discuss your options.

Are your houses pet friendly?

Most of our homes are pet friendly. If you have pets, an additional security deposit may be required and you will be required to maintain Renters Insurance.

We may not allow certain types of dogs that may have violent tendencies if mixed with other dogs. Examples of dogs that may not be allowed are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Huskies, Chows or mixed breed with any of the above.

We reserve the right to deny any dog, so speak with your leasing agent prior to applying. There may be a limit to the number of pets allowed.

How long will it take to process my application?

There are two steps in the application process. The first step is the online application that allows us to verify background, rental history and credit. This usually takes no more than one business day to see results. The second step is the signing of the lease offer. To expedite this process, we use an online platform.

What can I do to expedite the application process?

Make sure you have completed the online application.

Provide the two most recent payslips or tax return for each adult that will be occupying the home.

You may contact us to discuss the details for your lease offer, including move in date, length of lease, whether you have pets, and more.

Who is responsible for the utilities?

Generally, you are responsible for the utilities in the home you rent. Please see the details in the individual home listing for any utilities or additional amenities that may be provided.

What are utilities and how are they paid for?

Utilities are the basics you need any housing unit: electricity, water, trash pickup. Sometimes these bills are included in your rent payment and are handled by your landlord, but other times the tenant directly receives the bill. Be sure to ask your landlord about utilities before signing the lease so you know what you’ll be expected to pay for.

What do I need to pay before I move in?

One-three month of rent, the security deposit, pet deposit if applicable, and any short term lease fees (if applicable) will all need to be paid in cleared funds prior to you receiving keys for your new home.

What are your credit, background and criminal screening requirements ?

See our Criteria and Requirements Section for a full list of screening criteria.

What if my credit score is low or I have a bad credit report?

Please refer to our screening criteria. If you still have questions, please contact us afterwards.

How many roommates can I have ?

No more than two (2) adult roommates are allowed for any of our homes.

Application Information ?

You will need to have valid login details before you can apply online.

All lease offers are presented for approval.

Once you have applied online and been approved, your application is valid for any of the homes that we lease.

Should I have Renter's Insurance ?

Yes. You should definitely have Renter's Insurance. It is inexpensive, and most car insurance companies can add it to your existing policy.

If you have a pet, Renter's Insurance will be required.

What is a tenancy agreement ?

A tenancy agreement is a contract signed by both the tenant and the landlord. It outlines all the rules to which both parties must comply.

How do I pay rent ?

Rent rates are set in the lease, as well as the due date and how the rent will be processed by the landlord. As soon as you sign the lease, you’ve legally agreed to the terms, so be sure you fully understand the document before you sign.

The way you pay your rent varies depending on our preferences for each home type. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending a cheque. But we support online payments or can set up automatic withdrawals so you don’t have to remember the due date. Be sure to reference your lease or confirm how you prefer to pay your rent before it comes due.

When is my rent due and how is payment accepted?

All rents are due on the first day of the month.

You may pay your rent online for free through your renter portal.

How do I pay my rent online?

Login to the client area with your provided login details to pay your rent online.

Rent is considered paid only when actually received or credited. We also accept post dated cheques. We must be fair and strict with the late fees so please remember to make your payment in a timely manner. Thank you.

When do late fees apply?

In the event rent is not credited by the rent due date, Renter shall pay a late charge of 10% of the monthly rental amount as additional rent.

Can I get a pet after I move in? Can I watch a friend's pet for a few days?

Pets are not allowed unless previously approved by us. This includes keeping a friend's pet at the property temporarily. If we discover a pet at your property you will be given a 14 day "notice to cure". If the pet is not permanently gone from the property within the 14 days, we may begin eviction proceedings.

What if I need to move out before my lease or rent ends?

If you are tied into a fixed term contract, you will be liable for the rent until the fixed term is finished. If you are no longer in a fixed term contract (ie. a rolling contract) your tenancy agreement will define the notice you need to give.

Renter must provide written notice of intent to terminate early a minimum of 30 days prior to move-out. The move-out date must be provided at this time as well.

Notice to do an early termination of lease must be submitted in writing.

• You must return all keys, garage and gate remotes.

Can a landlord raise my rent during my stay?

Landlords are allowed to raise the rent once the lease has expired. If you decide to stay in the same apartment next year, you should read your new lease carefully and make sure the rates haven’t gone up. If they have, see if you can negotiate with your landlord. If you are renting a month-to-month apartment, then rent increases are more likely to occur. In this case, landlords can raise the rent every month if they wish. But it’s important to note that many states require a 30 day notice before the rent is officially raised. This will give you time to find a new place if you cannot afford the new rent price

What is a routine visit ?

Your landlord or letting agent will regularly schedule visits to the property. They want to make sure that the property is being looked after and maintained in a good condition, and they’ll be looking for any maintenance issues.

Can I decorate or make changes to the property ?

In most cases, a tenant can only decorate or make changes to the property with the express permission of the landlord. We recommend receiving this permission in writing.

What if I accidentally cause damage to the property?

Don’t worry – accidents happen. Tell whoever is responsible for the property maintenance (either the landlord or letting agent) as soon as possible. You will be expected to cover the cost of putting it right. Don’t try to ignore or hide damage because it could get worse, and it will only come out of your security deposit at the end of the tenancy.

What if the landlord isn't keeping to their side of the agreement?

If a tenant believes the landlord is not keeping to their side of the agreement – for instance, not maintaining the property in a fit state of repair – then the first thing the tenant should do is speak to the landlord or their letting agent. The letting agent has a duty of care to the tenant, and may be able to help to resolve issues depending on the service type the landlord has with the agent. Look at your 'Welcome letter' to find out the service level of your landlord.

When can my landlord enter the property?

A landlord has to give the tenant notice before entering the property, unless it’s an emergency.

What if I can't pay my rent?

It is always your responsibility to pay the rent, but circumstances change. What happens if you become unemployed or are unable to work due to sickness?

The most important thing is not to let arrears pile up until they’re unmanageable. Speak to your landlord or letting agent and see if you can reschedule your payments. And don’t forget, you can get insured against sickness and unemployment to keep yourself protected

Could my rental payments affect my credit profile?

Yes. It’s important to keep paying your rent on time and in full as it could negatively affect your credit profile and your chances of gaining credit, or a mortgage, in the future.

Who is responsible for repairs?

The landlord is responsible for maintaining the property in a good state of repair. They will either take care of this directly, or do so via a letting agent – make sure you know who to go to when there’s a fault at the beginning of the tenancy. Check your 'Welcome letter' to find out what service level your landlord has.

If you do damage to the property you are expected to cover the cost of putting this right.

Who is responsible for the smoke detectors in my home ?

Smoke detectors are generally located on the ceiling or high on the walls, in the hallways leading to the bedrooms. If a smoke detector is not operating properly, contact our office immediately.

If the smoke detector begins to make a chirping noise, it means the battery is low. Replace the battery at once. Your lease specifies that you must replace the batteries.

If the smoke detector goes off when there is no fire (ie. from cooking) do not remove the battery. Smoke detectors must have working batteries in them at all times! This is for your own safety.

If you cannot locate the smoke detectors in your home please call our office immediately for further instructions.

What maintenance is my responsibility ?

Please refer to your lease for a specific list of maintenance responsibilities. Some examples of maintenance you are expected to do at your own expense:

• Replacing light bulbs

• Replacing batteries in alarms and security systems

• Keeping dirt and debris away from heating and cooling units

• Mowing and watering the lawn

• Weeding

• Maintaining flower beds

• Mulching flower beds as necessary to maintain appearance of beds

• Trimming shrubs on a regular basis

• Removing fallen limbs

• Clearing paved areas and sidewalk of snow and ice

• Disposing of trash and garbage

• Keeping the property clean and in a good appearance

How should I submit maintenance requests (work orders) ?

To submit a maintenance request online, please login into the client area and submit request.

• Renter shall inform us of maintenance and repair problems at the property.

• Renter shall immediately notify us of any and all emergency problems at the property.

• Renter shall notify us of non-emergency maintenance or repair problems at the property in writing.

• We will not be able to reimburse you for any unauthorized repairs you make.

Can I use my security deposit as my last months' rent ?

Per your lease agreement, you may not apply your security deposit to your last months rent.

My garbage disposal stops working ?

Garbage disposals are not for bones, greasy items, meat or large quantities of vegetable peelings. If the motor buzzes, turn off the switch. Clear the disposal by turning the blade backwards with a wooden spoon handle. You might need to push the reset button on the bottom or side of the disposal (this is usually a small red or yellow button). If the unit turns easily but not with the power, call us for service.

Almost all disposal jams are caused by improper use. It is to your advantage to clear it, rather than requesting maintenance service for which you would be billed.

If you are unable to fix the problem, please submit a maintenance request using the form located in the client area.

No power in the bathroom or kitchen or other electrical outlets ?

Most homes are now equipped with switches. These switches are made to interrupt the flow of electricity and are used in areas of the home where electricity and water might come into contact with each other. If you have no power in the outlets in the bath, kitchen or garage, find the reset button that is popped out and push it in. Sometimes several outlets are "hooked" to one switch. It may be that the outlets in the bathroom have no power but the reset button that is popped out is in the basement.

Please check all the reset buttons before calling us. If we call out an electrician and all they have to do is push a reset button, you will be billed for the electrician's time.

If you are unable to fix the problem, please submit a maintenance request using the form located in the client area.

My plumbing is backed up or won't drain ?

You are responsible for keeping all sinks and toilets open and free-flowing. After 5 days of occupancy, the renter is responsible for any damage or stoppage unless it was caused by mechanical failure of the plumbing system or roots in the sewer lines.

If you are unable to fix the problem, please submit a maintenance request using the form located in the client area.

If I have an insect (bugs) or rodent problem ?

Minor insect problems should be treated with sprays (such as Raid). This would include ants, spiders, and roaches.

If the pest problem persists, please submit a maintenance request using the form located in the client area.

What do I do in case of emergency maintenance?

A maintenance emergency is any of the following:

• Free flowing water

• No useable toilet in the house

• Unable to secure house

• Sewer back up

If one of these occurs call us immediately. If the emergency is after hours please follow the directions in our voice mail system for emergency maintenance to speak with one of our maintenance team members.

What if the problem is urgent but not an emergency ?

Urgent situations can be turned in during normal office hours. Please do not call the emergency line except for the situations listed in the emergency maintenance FAQ above.

If you have an urgent, non-emergency situation, please submit a maintenance request form.

Examples of urgent maintenance situations are:

• Non-functioning appliance

• Roof leak

• No electricity in one room or area

• Backed up sink (no other plumbing fixtures affected)