Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later

All existing tenants qualify for any of the following pay later services to comfort your stay with us. All pay later payment options are interest-free if you can pay them off within 90 days (3 months).


Home & Kitchen Appliances

You can buy any home and kitchen appliances you can think of on credit from PC24 Store Ghana and many other vendor partners. Full details in the client area.


Phones & Computers

You can buy phone and computing products and repay them via instalments (just like they do in developed markets). Getting tablets for your kids to improve better learning outcomes doesn't have to be a headache anymore !! PC24 Store Ghana has got you covered.


Fashion, Health & Beauty Products

If you need to change your wardrobe or need that dress, shoe, bag or fragrance for that special occasion, you can always order them from Reiny's Ghana and have them delivered to you at home, just in time for your outing. Everyday clothes, soaps and other beauty products are also available.



For knives, utensils and all other wares to complement your kitchen appliances, you can procure them from Adwoa Mart and other partner vendors. 


Food, Groceries & Kitchen

With advancement in technology, you can order packaged foods and non-perishable groceries, cooked food, groceries (including fresh produce) from 7G Foods, DCANS Kitchens and TDG Farms and other vendor partners.


Prescription Drugs

For medications that are not covered by the NHIS, you can buy these from partner licensed pharmacies and pay later, and have them delivered to you at home or in the office.


Building Materials

If you need building materials to build and/or complete your own home, you can procure such items from DCANS Developments and pay via instalments.


Auto Parts & Servicing

Existing tenants of this platform can buy genuine spare parts for their vehicles from Glostar Motors and pay via instalments.



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