Tenant Loans

Existing Tenant Loans

Once you're an existing tenant via our platform, you can borrow at the click of the button from the client area. Our seamless integration with Sikamaster Loans and GhanaStartups.org (both strategic partners) enables existing tenants of this platform to login and simply apply to borrow for either personal or business use. You are automatically approved to borrow at any time because we know you, know where you work or what you do based verified data when we onboarded you.

Existing loans include interest-free Salary Advance, Low-rate Personal Loans and Business Funding.


Available loans

Salary Advance

Personal Loans

Business Funding


Features and Benefits

• Up to GHS20,000 Collateral-free loans


Useful Notice

It's misplaced priority for prospective tenants to ask us about or would want to apply for existing tenant loans when you're not yet a tenant of ours.


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