About Us

About Us

RentNowPayLater.net (RNPL) is an innovative platform with long-term benefits for both the customer and the service provider. RNPL makes it possible for salaried workers (public or private) to rent and pay pocket-friendly terms - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

RNPL, part of DCANS Properties Limited, which is itself part of The DCANS Group (TDG) Limited, registered in England & Wales, but dual-headquartered in Ghana & the UK, aims to be a large Ghana Corporate Landlord with 5,000+ affordable rental homes (with over 90% of the rentals being sold via a rent-to-buy ownership option) by 2030 via the group's special Rental Income Asset Class. The group believes our build-to-rent portfolio will be a source of steady returns over the long term.

TDG, a dominant global player with diverse operations in properties & construction, and property financing, will have an edge in meeting its targets by virtue of our existing knowledge of the property market. Cross-selling products from its other businesses, such as home mortgages, non-deposit taking lending business as well consumer goods wholesale and retail come in handy for existing tenants.


Rental Business

The DCANS Group Limited rental income asset class in the private home rental market under the Rent Now Pay Later Ghana brand is an investment portfolio diversification vehicle. The other rental business under this strategy are:

Rent to Buy Ghana

Rent to Buy UK

The Property Portfolio Builder UK


Rental Property Portfolio

This rental income asset class aims to achieve competitive returns with a focus on building most of its portfolio by developing new sites from scratch, via our in-house construction units - DCANS Developments and Build Now Pay Later Ghana, aside buying and renting good quality newly built properties from external vendors. This will be achieved by working alongside other leading housebuilders to address the increasing demand for rental properties, and the aim is to gradually provide incremental stock to identified profitable rental markets in Ghana over the coming years.



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