We Buy Land

We Buy Land (With Title / Indenture Only)

With a bit of information, we can make an offer on your land. We make the process as simple as possible, and in most cases we pay all closing costs.


No Commissions or Fees

We buy lands directly from actual owners and not middlemen (agents, brokers, etc). We can only deal with authorized middlemen, so long us they take their commissions from the seller and not from us - because we don't pay commissions or agent fees as a company policy.


Documents Required

To enable us initiate mandatory searches at no upfront cost to you, we need either Land Title or Indenture in the name(s) of the seller. If the land has been gifted to you, you need to get a Deed of Gift done for the verifiable land documentation to be in the seller's own name(s) - we don't discuss or buy land without proper documentation.

If the land was previously a subject of land litigation, we would need a copy of the judgment, before we can initiate any searches and/or complete sale if satisfied.


Fraud Warning

It is a crime to sell (or attempt to sell without authorisation if you're an agent) a property you don't own.


Why Sell To Us

Once we agree on a price for your property we can complete the transaction in just a few days, after all mandatory searches have been completed.