SSNIT Requirement

SSNIT Requirement

This rent monthly platform is strictly for persons with regular income: That is SSNIT/CAP30-registered Salaried Workers (Public/Private) or RDG-registered Business Owners (Startup Business Owners / SME Business Owners / Self-Employed). Owners of businesses do not need to provide us their proof of their pension, but only need to provide proof of business registration, business bank statements.


SSNIT-registered Salaried Workers

While we require you to submit your payslip as proof of employment and/or income, a narration of Tier-I (SSNIT) deduction does not satisfy our requirement for a SSNIT Remittance Statement as proof of you being paid regularly. SSNIT Statement are waived for public sector workers paid by Controller & Accountant General's Department (CAGD) as it is deemed to have been remitted by government(employer) to SSNIT on their behalf. However, public sector workers not paid via CAGD are still required to furnish us with their most recent one(1) year SSNIT Statement to satisfy our Proof of Regular Income Requirement.

All Private Sector Employees are required to attach their most recent one (1) year SSNIT Statement as part of their online application form. We require both your most recent 30 day payslip and your most recent 1yr SSNIT Statement, and not the former being repeated and uploaded as the latter.

All applications that do not meet this SSNIT Requirement will be automatically deleted and applicant banned from our platform as part of our Fraud Prevention Protocols.


SSNIT/ CAP30 Statement Waivers

The need to submit a SSNIT Statement by all CAGD-paid Public Sector Workers are not required and even eliminated from our online form for such persons, as the automatic deduction via the CAGD system is satisfactory for us.


How We Use Your SSNIT/CAP30 Statement

Your most recent one (1) year SSNIT Statement is used exclusively to enable us assess your eligibility for our rental services. Your typical SSNIT Statement only provides dates, your SSNIT Number and your contributions for the most recent period we require and does not include details of your beneficiaries and neither can any third-party access your benefits at anytime whilst you're alive. Employees should also be able to know whether their deducted contributions have even been remitted to SSNIT to avoid any late stage shockers - Not all employers remit employee deductions to SSNIT on the latter's behalf, as evident with disparities in the number of enrolled members of both Tier-1 and Tier-2 mandatory pensions.

Our only interest in requesting for your SSNIT Statement is to satisfy ourselves that your employer is a responsible one and fulfils its statutory Tier-1 obligations to its employees and by extension our 'assured assumption' that future salary payments (and our monthly rent payments) will not be in doubt. Even as past employee pension obligations are not indicative of a going concern employer, it's an acceptable risk we can take.


Document Fraud

It is a crime to make false representation or alter any documentation to enable you seek a service in Ghana and we would not hesitate to forward your details to law enforcement bodies and ensure full prosecution as part of our scapegoating policies.