To qualify for one of our homes you will need to:

• Have to be 18 years or older submit an application. Full time students living with parents at the property do not need to fill out an application. Students applying alone via their parent or guardian must provide proof of enrollment.

• No more than two (2) adult roommates are allowed for any of our homes.

• Be able to show that you make three times the amount of the rent in combined gross income.

• Pass our screening criteria for acceptable credit and criminal background check.

• Be able to pay your first full month's rent and security deposit in cleared funds prior to moving in.



The following policies are established to ensure that all prospective applicants will be treated equally:

• Viewing fees paid are non-refundable.

• Security deposit is equal to one - three month's rent and may not be used or considered as the final months' rent.

• All approved applications are valid for up to thirty days.

• All of our properties are non-smoking.

• We do not have any homes for social housing




We screen our applicants very carefully. Your application will be processed promptly and we can usually have a decision made within one business day. In order to speed the process along, please be sure we have all the necessary information on your application. Each adult who will live in the property must complete a separate application. Full time students living with parents at the property do not need to fill out an application. Students must provide proof of enrollment.

Assuming your application passes the screening criteria, you will be contacted to get all the information needed to fill out the lease offer. If you do not pass, you will receive an adverse action notice through email. The lease offer is published to you electronically so there is no need for a printer or fax machine! When we are working on publishing the lease offer you will need to provide the security deposit in cleared funds.




We may not allow certain types of dogs that may have violent tendencies if mixed with other dogs. Examples of dogs that may not be allowed are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Huskies, Chows or mixed breed with any of the above. We reserve the right to deny any dog, so speak with your leasing agent prior to applying. There may be a limit to the number of pets allowed. There will be additional security deposit requirements for any pet. Renters are responsible for checking city rules and regulations regarding their pet before signing a lease.




Ensuring resident safety and protecting property are often considered to be among the fundamental responsibilities of a housing provider, therefore, a criminal records report will be run on every applicant. An individualized assessment of each applicant's criminal history will be done at the time of the application. Our goal is to treat all applicants fairly and ensure they have equal opportunities for housing. We will be looking for convictions as they relate to harm/damage to property, people, or society. We will also look at the time since the conviction occurred and what the applicant has done since release (if you have a certificate of rehabilitation please provide that). *Illegal manufacture or distribution of any controlled substance will be grounds for denial.

Please contact us so that we can discuss the offense and what options you have to proceed with your application.