If you are a salaried worker in Ghana, you can rent with us and pay monthly. No need to stress over huge rent advance.



• Controller-paid Government of Ghana employed prospective tenants may need to provide 1-6 months rent advance before move-in. Not required upfront.

• All other salaried employees may need to provide 3-6 months rent advance before move-in. Not required upfront.



• You must be employed for at least one (1) year if in the public sector, and at least two (2) yrs in the private sector,

• Not more than 50% of your net monthly salary should be able to settle pre-agreed monthly repayments.

• Must have a bank account (current) with any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks, as we may take the remaining monthly rents in post-dated cheques and draw them as and when they become due.


What I must provide

• Proof of ID (acceptable: Ghana Card, Passport, Voters, Driver's License, SSNIT Card). NHIS not accepted

• Proof of employment (Most recent 3 months' Payslip and/or Employment Letter)

• Proof of Income (Most recent 3 months' Payslip)


How it works

This service works in different ways, depending on your employment status and a few other factors. Learn more.