Pay Later


Pay Later Services

All existing tenants qualify for any of the following pay later services to comfort your stay with us:

• Care Now Pay Later

• Buy Now Pay Later

• Stay Now Pay Later

• Fly Now Pay Later

• Vacation Now Pay Later

• Build Now Pay Later


Care Now Pay Later

This enables existing tenants to pay for healthcare (including prescription drugs, imaging, etc) that are not covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Learn more.


Buy Now Pay Later

You can buy Home / Kitchen Appliances, Fashion, Health 7 Beauty Products, Food, Groceries, Kitchenware, auto parts and pay later over several months: includes both interest-free options (if you repay in full in 90 days) and low rate interests apply for all outstanding debts beyond 90 days. Learn more.


Stay Now Pay Later

You can stay in any hotel in Ghana and pay later via this platform. T&Cs apply. Learn more.


Fly Now Pay Later

You buy your airline tickets (local or international) and pay later via instalments on this platform. Learn more.


Vacation Now Pay Later

You don't have to get big bucks before you can take a vacation. A vacation doesn't have to be several weeks or months, or outside the country necessarily. Learn more.


Build Now Pay Later

It is not our wish that you rent forever. That's why we have various homeownership options available for you to exit or transition onto. Rent to Buy Ghana and Home Ownership via low-rate mortgage options are some of the homeownership vehicles we have available for serious prospective home buyers. Learn more.