Qualified Properties

Qualified Properties

If you choose not to use our paid sourcing services and do the rental unit search yourself then kindly read on below...

Aside the tenant-ready rental properties we provide from our own in-house sources, prospective tenants on our platform should take note of the following when searching for rental properties to present to us for approval.


What is expected of you:

Prospective tenants sourcing for rental units themselves to later update us to setup the pay monthly service on it for them must take note of the following -

• Must negotiate rental charges themselves and only alert us on reaching an agreement with this landlord

• Must furnish us with the Tenancy Agreement of this rental property or unit.

• Must assist landlord(s) of this self-search rental unit to fill the GRA Rental Tax form. Note that, most landlords will often not agree to be charged rental tax from their final agreed monthly rent charge so you may have to pay the tax component of this yourself to get the property owner to sign the necessary tax paperwork.

• We would also need the payment method your landlord would want to use. Can currently opt for one of two(2): bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks or mobile money account in the landlord's own name.



The rental property should meet the following requirements:

• Must be tenantable. We do not accept uncompleted or yet-to-be completed units.

• The landlord must be ready to comply with 8% GRA Rental Tax for residential rental properties (and 15% for commercial rental properties).


How to submit property

After settling on a qualified rental property, kindly use the online form here to submit it to us for approval. Remember to have photos (interior and exterior) of this property on hand, together with landlord details (phone number, GRA consent [not signed form], property digital address).