Property Viewing

Rental Property Viewing

If you're looking for a qualified rental property from an external landlord yourself, you obviously must arrange and view the said property your satisfy yourself by making sure it meets our set out requirements. However, if you're renting from an external landlord via using our paid search assistance service or renting from our in-house portfolio, the following arrangements will apply:

 [Note: Viewing is absolutely FREE, and to qualify for viewing with us, you need to have applied and qualified to use our services after our screening processes]. No Approved Application, No Viewing.

1. Virtual Viewing: First-time viewings are almost always done virtually before an in-person viewing. This is to reduce the number of viewings needed to decide on a rental property, and minimise the risk of spread of Covid-19, aside being in line with our operational efficiency protocols. We would typically send you photos/videos (both interior and exterior) of the rental property your current net monthly income qualifies you for (not more than 50% of your net monthly income).

2. In-person Viewing: Strictly by appointment only, with fixed start and ending time. No open house or walk-ins.

3. No back-to-back viewings of the same rental property allowed. Time gap between appointments required.

4.. Covid-19 Protocols: Everyone must wear a mask. Those with medical issues can wear face shields.

5. Open windows and doors, switch on the lights prior to viewing to minimise contact.

6. Until you have chosen to move into the rental property being toured, please refrain from touching anything in the house. Viewing assistant(s) accompanying you will typically wear gloves.

7. No physical documents should be handed out. Send all docs electronically.