Care Now Pay Later

Pay for medical expenses not covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), or some other private medical or health insurance in Ghana. We provide this world-class healthcare financing service by leveraging technology in pulling and sharing existing tenant data to deliver timely no cash upfront healthcare service. You're not restricted to seek healthcare from group-owned facilities, but you're free to go to any HeFRA-approved facility in Ghana (or relevant-approved facility aboard subject to additional terms) - No Upfront Fees required !!

Medical evacuations (MedeVac / MediVac) are included in this Care Now Pay Later service, are obviously emergency situations and available wherever possible and/or practicable. 

All healthcare credit provided and repaid within three (3) are interest-free, but any outstanding payment beyond 90 days will attract interest (typically 2-5% per month). This service is provided jointly by our ecosystem of strategic global partners [incl healthcare, capital, lending and payment partners] by virtue of our seamless integration with these strategic long-term partners and collaborators.



All existing tenants of ours (whether you rent from our in-house portfolio or rent from an external landlord with funding from us). So long as you have valid login credentials for this platform you qualify.

This service covers all members of your rental unit household that we have on file when you started your tenancy with us.


How to use service

Complete a quick online form here if you're an existing tenant, to enable us proceed with providing you with this post-paid healthcare service.

You're expected to have a valid NHIS card as costs that the state covers will not be put on your private non-NHIS bill. 

If you require care abroad, you're expected to possess or procure your own valid passport as we do not provide such passport processing assistance service. However, we and our partners will only provide the necessary paperwork (incl financials) to support your successful airlifting abroad, and additionally provide airport pick-up and ongoing care support if your healthcare international location is the UK.



Other ways of using Care Now Pay Later

• Any existing customer of The TDG Ecosystem can access this service via their current participating business, or

• Accessed directly from DCANS Healthcare (one of our partners and a sister company).