How We Operate

How We Operate

Providing unique quality rental unit services in Ghana requires innovation amid and the haphazard way incumbent and/or traditional landlords. We are a business and not a charity organisation, hence basic guidelines have been set to foster smooth usage of our services.


Time Management

Time is our greatest asset and most valuable resource (and obviously same can be said of any growing business), hence this platform has been structured to provide extreme value for qualified prospective tenants. We allocate our resources to existing tenants and qualified prospective tenants only.


Technology-dependent, Data-driven is technology-forward rental property provider that deploys multiple efficient processes, including Robot process automation (RPA), to perform routine, high-volume tasks, allowing employees to focus on more differentiated work.


Self-Care Platform (Little to No Human Intervention)

Using our services is a no-brainer if you're qualified. You simply have to apply online and upload all supporting documents and submit. Once submitted, you automatically get an email confirming receipt of your application. If you opted to rent any of our in-house portfolio and you have been matched to any available, we would contact you in less than 72 hours.

If you don't hear from us within 3 days, then it means we do not have any vacant rental property for you, hence the need to try our other two options - 1. Sourcing your own rental property from external landlords and submitting it to us to setup monthly payment on it for you, or 2. You opt for our Paid Search Assistant service to do the searching with external landlords on your behalf.


No Upfront Fees

We charge no fees to apply to rent any of our in-house rental portfolio or you submit your own sourced qualified rental residential property. However, our Paid Search Assistance Service come at a cost.


No Useless Meetings

You don't need to come to any of our offices before you can apply to use our services. Any in-person meetings are only scheduled for viewing purposes. All relevant post-move-in meetings usually happen at any of our offices or at your rental property.

If you're looking to get  onboard via the old way of doing things, then sorry to disappointed you - This is a no upfront fee service, and you only need to demonstrate proof of employment and/or income by applying via our digital onboarding platform here, so if you need an in-person meeting before signing up then you're obviously not serious about solving your rent advance problems or perhaps this service is obviously not for you.

No needless phones calls, and no useless  pre-application meetings. If we need to contact you, we would call you back ourselves from our office number or email you from our official email address. In-person meetings are scheduled via appointment only at any of our office premises or rental property location for issues that to us cannot be resolved remotely or viewing purposes. All Covid-19 Protocols are strictly observed when on our premises - No Mask No Entry.


No Needless Phonecalls - No Talkshop

Like meetings, we shelve all of such inefficiencies until post-application if need be. Eligibility requirements for this service are simple to follow and comply and does not require endless phone calls.


SSNIT Contributions

SSNIT Remittance Statement is waived for all CAGD-paid Public Sector Workers. However, it remains mandatory for all Private Sector Workers. The full SSNIT Remittance Statement is a proxy of a well-run private sector employer. There are many factors for determining what makes a properly-run private business, but prompt settlement of mandatory Tier-1 Pension is a simple and useful indicator of how steady the prospective private-sector employee gets paid. 

We require a minimum of the most recent one (1) year SSNIT Remittance statement as a verdict on your private-sector employer with no gaps. If there are gaps in your pension statement, you do not qualify for this service.


No Nonsense Fraudsters/Criminals Approach

Every good business solving problems always attracts bad actors >> Newsflash: We guarantee a very horrible treatment of fraudsters and/or criminals who ever get close to this platform.