Founder's Message

Founder's Message

Most landlords in Ghana get away with plain fraud & deceit. My horrible unfair treatment lead me to start a property business. Plenty of people take to social media to complain about service but not many of us make good on their threats to do something about it. I'm definitely not that kind of person. Rent Now Pay Later, a burgeoning assault on rent advance was borne out of such painful experiences - and Rent to Buy Ghana (the first real actionable attempt at promoting home ownership in a low-income country with low-rate mortgage options via DCANS Properties), aside providing respite for landowners stuck with their building via Build Now Pay Later.

From its inception, Rent Now Pay Later (Ghana) had a vision of co-operation, and with the framework to provide the vast majority of the 700,000+ public sector workers as well as the over 1.5m pension-paying private sector workers who struggle to come up with the deadly 2yrs rent advance the opportunity to pay monthly from their salaries without having to resort to predatory lenders. Its underlying principle was to be an instrument of peace and fairness. As governments strive to make Ghana a place where different cultures meet and mingle, where suitable, affordable, accessible and flexible housing can lay the foundations for peace, harmony and solidarity, RNPL is uniquely placed to contribute with its skills, philosophy and more than 10 years' experience.

I personally love disruptive and/or revolutionary business and/or operative models for that offers solutions for the general - the hardworking Ghanaian taxpayer. The mission to get unprofessional landlords to reform, conform, or go out of business is just getting started - masterplan already in place for the next 120 months is being executed one day at a time, together with our strategic reliable partners.

I believe in the Ghanaian Dream and the Ghana Project. As a scientist, I believe every problem can be solved - exactly our pre-occupation with our experience and patient capital sources.


Isaac Osei,

BSc. Biological Science (I) || BSc. Human Biology (KNUST) || MBChB Medicine & Surgery, KNUST-KATH (I)

Founder, The DCANS Group Limited || Founder, DCANS FX || Founder, DCANS Mortgage

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